About us

WattCharger is powering Ireland's Electric Auto Industry. We offer smart EV charging solutions and Solar Power Systems for homes and businesses.


The correlation between real responsibility and meaning resonates with the values of the founders at WattCharger. We realize Ireland’s race to reach zero emissions is a shared responsibility and we aspire to play an integral role.  

WattCharger is on a mission to power Ireland's Electric Auto Industry by simplifying Ireland’s transition toward zero-emission mobility. We offer smart EV charging solutions and Solar Power Systems for homes and businesses and we provide support and education with every step. 

We appreciate that switching to a vehicle that is powered by electricity or solar power is a novel technology and a daunting endeavour. The leadership team at WattCharger has fused electrical engineering expertise with online technology to simplify the adoption of electric vehicles. 

Ireland’s electric car charging ambition


Current number of EV’s on Irish roads vs the goal of 1 million cars by 2030


Number of home car charger & Solar grants offered by the SEAI to date


Number of public chargers in situ across Ireland

The WattCharger Process

Consumers and businesses are benefitting from WattCharger’s simple process –

    1. EV School: We make a conscious effort to publish educational EV content online and we are always open to interacting directly with people seeking more information via email or telephone.
    2. Purchase Online: WattCharger’s online technology offers customers the ability to purchase an EV charger online with confidence. Our EV charging solutions are fully compatible with every electric vehicle brand (including Tesla). We also provide a free online cost calculator and factor in available Government Grants (SEAI).
    3. Delivered and Installed: WattCharger offers nationwide delivery and installation. We have a network of local RECI certified installation professionals who will be matched with our customers post-purchase.
    4. Post Installation Support: We are dedicated to supporting our customers after the EV charging installation as it relates to questions and further needs.

Your electric vehicle journey starts here!




To alleviate confusion surrounding charging & solar infrastructure, making it easy for to purchase online in just a couple of clicks


Best in class install timelines - Have a charger installed within 10 working days countrywide, from the moment you purchase via WattCharger.com


To accelerate EV adoption in line with the Irish Government’s 2030 Sustainability Roadmap and with the U.N.’s 2050 Net Zero Carbon targets to keep global warming increase below 1.5°C compared to pre-industrial levels.

Fully compatible with the following car brands