Commercial Charging

WattCharger choose ChargePoint for our commercial charging solutions for their best-in-class hardware, software and service. We provide end-to-end turnkey solutions, with a range of AC and DC charging options for business, fleet and public charging across Ireland.

When to choose AC or DC?

In layman’s terms, a DC charger is considerably faster than an AC charger as there is less resistance for the current of electricity. However, the application and business case must be considered, as a DC charger is a much more costly installation. WattCharger will survey a commercial charging requirement, carry out an analysis of needs, and propose the most cost effective solution and finance options.

What is the difference between AC and DC?

All electric vehicle batteries store energy which is DC (direct current), therefore if AC (alternating current) is applied, it must be converted to DC to charge the car’s battery. It is this conversion that makes AC charging slower, whereas DC charging can feed power directly to the car.

AC Charging DC Charging

Why choose ChargePoint?


Unrivalled Network

  • Robust network with extensive roaming partnerships enables virtually everywhere
  • Protected and secure payment ensured by authorization and authentication; cyber security is provided through encryption and anonymization of personal data


Software, Services and Support

  • ChargePoint EVSE Power Management Software 
  • Cloud services render simple operation of power management, access control, flexible pricing, and waitlist
  • Support hotline answered by real people
  • End-to-end service from site planning and install, to continual support and maintenance
  • Sustainability leader both in the way operations are carried and in products and services offered. View ChargePoint's CSR Starement


Best-in-Class Technology

  • Premium design, engineering, and service
  • User friendly mobile app interface (ios and android) 
  • AC and DC charging solutions
  • Reliable, with 98% uptime
  • Largest EV charging network in the world
  • More than 100 million charges delivered worldwide

Why choose hypercharger DC Chargers?

  • Speed: 75 kWh one stack, 150 kWh two stacks.
  • Dual Port: Allows for simultaneous charging using available power stacks. CCS & CHAdeMO options depending on requirements.
  • Payment Options: RFID card, contactless digital wallet, mobile app and calling customer support.
  • Driver-Friendly: LCD Display for driver interaction
  • Cloud-Based Station Management: Easily configure and manage stations remotely and in real time.
  • Roaming and Inter operability: Enables drivers to use one account to charge on all stations accessible via the ChargePoint network. Plus, all ChargePoint stations support OCPP.
  • Power: Advanced Power Management functionalities.
  • Future-proofed: output voltage range from 150V to 1000V & scalable due to power stack concept.

Hypercharger 50kW - Coming soon!

  • Bidirectional 50kW (2 x 25kW) DC-charging station for EVs
  • 50 kWh per Station – DUAL PORT
  • Continuous 150A charging current
  • Contact us for more details!

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