AC Chargers

Alternate Current (AC) Chargers

AC (alternating current) charging involves taking power directly from the grid and converting it into DC (direct current) power to charge an electric car's battery. All electric vehicles have a built-in converter that enables this conversion.

AC chargers aren't limited to residential homes. Commercial and industrial facilities typically use a three-phase power supply that can handle higher loads (up to 22 kW) than a typical home (up to 7.2 kW), allowing for charging that's up to three times faster.

ChargePoint CP4100 & CP4300

The ChargePoint CP4100 and CP4300 are three-phase AC charging stations intended for businesses, fleets, and other organizations that provide electric car charging as a service for employees and customers. They are compatible with ALL electric vehicles.

The main distinction between these chargers is that the CP4100 stations are socketed, allowing drivers to use their own charging cable, while the CP4300 stations include charging cables, allowing drivers to simply plug the connector into their vehicle. Both chargers come in single or dual port options and can deliver up to 22 kW of power per port.


CP4100 Specifications CP4300 Specifications

The Benefits of ChargePoint AC Chargers?

  • Speed: Charges at a maximum rate of 22 kW per port, providing up to 140 km of range per hour.
  • Energy Management: Ability to remotely set a power limit for charging. Available power is intelligently distributed to all vehicles connected, allowing station owners to maximize the number of charging ports available while avoiding expensive upgrades.
  • Single or Dual Port Stations: Two charging ports can share a single electrical circuit, doubling the number of parking spaces served. Existing single-port stations can be upgraded to dual-port stations without requiring additional electrical services.
  • Driver-Friendly: LCD screens display charging status, instructional videos, and more. Multi-language instructions are available.
  • Cloud-Based Station Management: Easily configure and manage stations remotely and in real time. View station metrics, including station status and availability, power and energy use, charging session details, and more.
  • Pricing and Payments: Several pricing models are available, including charging by kWh, session, session duration, and more. Drivers have flexible options to pay for charging, including RFID cards, mobile apps, calling customer support, and using contactless debit and credit cards.
  • Roaming and Interoperability: Enables drivers to use one account to charge on all stations accessible via the ChargePoint network. Plus, all ChargePoint stations support OCPP.
  • Cable Management: An innovative cable management system keeps cables off the ground and safely out of the way of drivers.
  • Easy Installation: Available in pedestal and wall-mount configurations, making them easy to install anywhere.

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