Dumb Chargers for Electric Vehicles in Ireland

What is the primary reason to choose a smart charger over a dumb charger for electric vehicles?


Smart chargers offer a better and more reliable service. They are internet-connected, allowing for automatic firmware updates that ensure compatibility with new EV models. Additionally, smart chargers enable remote diagnostics, with customers able to monitor their chargers on the manufacturer's backend and receive back-office support. For example, the Zappi EV charger we provide is supported by MyEnergi.

What are the disadvantages of using a dumb charger for electric vehicles?


Dumb chargers lack load management, making them unsuitable for high load demands, such as electric showers, where a priority board would need to be installed, negating any potential savings. As EVs become more common across Ireland, smart technology is necessary to help balance the national grid, and only smart technology can achieve this.

Will dumb chargers still be eligible for SEAI grants in the long term?

No. As EVs become more widespread, the SEAI will remove dumb chargers from their grant program, as they lack the necessary smart technology to help balance the national grid.

Blog Author: Adrian Dorney