Electric Vehicles & Infrastructure Acronyms 2024

AC: Alternating current

AFIR: Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation

BESS: Battery energy storage system

BEV: Battery electric vehicle

CAF: Climate Action Fund

CCS: Combined charging system

CAP: Climate Action Plan

CARO: Climate Action Regional Office

CCMA: County and City Management Association

CRU: Commission for Regulation of Utilities

DAA: Dublin Airport Authority

DC: Direct current

DoT: Department of Transport

ECA: European Court of Auditors

ERS: Electric roads systems

ESBN: Electricity Supply Board Networks

eSPSV: Electric small public service vehicle

EU: European Union

EV: Electric vehicle

EVPP: Electric Vehicle Policy Pathway

GDP: Gross domestic product

HGV/HDV: Heavy goods/duty vehicle

HPC: High power charger

ICE: Internal combustion engine

IEA: International Energy Agency

LDV: Light Duty Vehicle

LEV:Low-emission vehicle

LGMA: Local Government Management Agency

MaREI: Research Centre for Energy, Climate and Marine

NEWKD: North East West Kerry Development

NSAI: National Standards Authority of Ireland

NTA: National Transport Authority

OEM: Original equipment manufacturer

OGP: Office of Government Procurement

PHEV: Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle

PMO: Project Management Office

SDG: Sustainable Development Goal

SEAI: Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland

SFI: Science Foundation Ireland

SIMI: Society of the Irish Motor Industry

T&E: Transport and Environment

TEN-T: Trans-European Transport Network

TII: Transport Infrastructure Ireland

UK OSEV: United Kingdom Office for Zero Emission Vehicles

UN: United Nations

V2G: Vehicle-to-Grid

V2HL: Vehicle-to-House

ZEVI: Zero Emission Vehicles Ireland

Blog Author: Adrian Dorney