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About DC Chargers

DC (direct current) charging, often referred to as fast or rapid charging, is when DC power is applied directly to the car’s battery, and is far quicker than AC (alternating current) charging as it does not require conversion to AC power.

DC chargers, found at locations such as motorway service centres, can deliver an 80% charge in the time it takes for a cup of coffee and comfort stop. DC chargers operate at much higher loads (up to 350 kW) which is also what makes them so much quicker than AC chargers.

hypercharger 75kW – 300kW

The hypercharger DC chargers are manufactured by Alpitronic, and powered by ChargePoint’s unrivalled software management & analytics. These DC charging systems come in two sizes;

1. HYC_075_150: 75kW-150kW power rating
2. HYC_225_300: 225kW-300 kW power rating

The hypercharger’s main features are flexibility and scalability of their overall performance;

  • Flexibility: for example, the hypercharger 300kW can be configured to have 2x CCS Cables and 1x CHAdeMO.
  • Scalability: for example, the hypercharger 150kW can set at 75kW, but is futureproofed for greater power, with room to add another 75kW ‘power stack’ (or room for another 3x power stacks in the 300kW unit).

With cabling options and capacity to increase power stacks, the hypercharger combined with ChargePoint provides the greatest flexibility and ease of management in the DC charger market.


HYC 75kW - 150kW Specifications HYC 225kW - 300kW Specifications

Why choose hypercharger DC Chargers?

  • Speed: 75 kWh one stack, 150 kWh two stacks.
  • Dual Port: Allows for simultaneous charging using available power stacks. CCS & CHAdeMO options depending on requirements.
  • Payment Options: RFID card, contactless digital wallet, mobile app and calling customer support.
  • Driver-Friendly: LCD Display for driver interaction
  • Cloud-Based Station Management: Easily configure and manage stations remotely and in real time.
  • Roaming and Inter operability: Enables drivers to use one account to charge on all stations accessible via the ChargePoint network. Plus, all ChargePoint stations support OCPP.
  • Power: Advanced Power Management functionalities.
  • Future-proofed: output voltage range from 150V to 1000V & scalable due to power stack concept.

Hypercharger 50kW - Coming soon!

  • Bidirectional 50kW (2 x 25kW) DC-charging station for EVs
  • 50 kWh per Station – DUAL PORT
  • Continuous 150A charging current
  • Contact us for more details!

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