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Ship Black Zappi Tethered EV Charger

Introducing Zappi – the eco-friendly electric car charger that provides sustainable charging solutions harvested from renewable sources like homes, businesses, and public spaces. Unlike most traditional EV charging models available to Irish consumers, which draw electricity exclusively from a power source, Zappi chargers come equipped with cutting-edge features that set them apart.


Meet Zappi -- an innovative electric car charger that utilises energy from clean energy sources at homes, businesses and public spaces. To boot, Zappi is the world's first solar compatible smart EV charger.

A premium product,  Zappi is a robust electric vehicle charger that allows you to charge your EV from the convenience of your own home in a smart and cost-efficient way.

Smart Grid Charging
Charge your EV at optimal times with Zappi's cost-efficient timers designed to capitalize on cheaper electricity rates. 

Compatible with Solar Power Panels and Wind Generators
Charge your EV with 100% green energy for a more sustainable Ireland.

Seamless Installation
Our Zappi's are seamlessly installed by our network of local RECI certified professionals.

Consciously Designed
The Zappi is discrete and slick to ensure the facade of the building remains aesthetically pleasing.

Smartphone App
The Zappi hub is paired up with an intuitive smartphone app to keep you connected.

3-year Warranty
Proud to highlight that the Zappi charger has fewer warranty issues or claims than any other charger on the market today.

Available on the SEAI EV grant
The Zappi home and business EV charger is a cleantech solution that is supporting WattCharger's aspirations to play a significant role in Ireland's drive to go green.

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