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Zappi EV Charger - Untethered

Introducing Zappi – the eco-friendly electric car charger that provides sustainable charging solutions harvested from renewable sources. Unlike most traditional EV charging models available to Irish drivers, which draw electricity exclusively from a power source, Zappi chargers come equipped with cutting-edge features that set them apart.

Zappi’s smart EV chargers excel in versatility. While they can function as traditional electric car chargers, they can also source energy solely from renewable sources, such as wind generation and solar panels. 

We provide installation services with the assistance of our nationwide team of RECI-certified installation experts, ensuring a seamless experience for our customers.

Furthermore, The Zappi is a Grant-Approved EV Charger. This ensures that all purchased Zappi units qualify for the SEAI grant scheme. This government-backed initiative enables you to receive up to €300 in relief for acquiring and installing your electric vehicle home charging unit.

Secure your zappi today and enjoy a €300 savings!

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Zappi’s Electric Car Charging Modes

Zappi is in a league of its own as the world's first solar-compatible smart EV charger. With three charging modes, Zappi optimizes performance and gives consumers discretion. These modes are:

  1. ECO

  2. ECO+

  3. FAST

In ECO charging mode, the electric vehicle charges at a minimum rate of 1.4 kW. As solar panel power is used, the charge rate can significantly exceed the 1.4 kW charge rate. However, the secure connection to the grid ensures that the power never drops below the 1.4 kW threshold.

In ECO+ mode, Zappi chargers operate similarly. However, in ECO+ mode, the owner can set a "Min Green Level" at which point charging will be halted if energy sourced from solar panels or wind generation falls below it. Users can set the Min Green Level to 75% to ensure that the power supply to the charging station will be halted if 25% or more comes from non-green energy sources.

When green energy options are unavailable, the FAST charging mode allows users to power their electric vehicles in the traditional way. In FAST mode, Zappi uses Type 2 triple-phase plugs. Similar to most home chargers in Ireland, the maximum power rate supplied in FAST mode is 22 kWh. Additionally, since Zappi comes equipped with a typical charger, users can also charge their phones or other devices using any of these options.

By using eco modes, the Zappi charger presents itself as a viable alternative to traditional charging stations. Unlike traditional chargers, Zappi's eco modes allow excess green energy from homes or businesses to charge the vehicle, giving it a strong edge over other charging stations.

How much does a Zappi charger cost?

Wattcharger offers two types of Zappi chargers. The 7 kWh charger is currently listed at €975, while the 22 kWh charger can be yours for €1,115. However, the installation costs may vary depending on several factors.

It is worth noting that the manufacturer,  MyEnergi, offers a complete 3-year warranty for Zappi EV chargers, which makes it a great choice for homeowners who might be skeptical about the uses of this innovative and one-of-a-kind charging station.

Homeowners in Ireland can get a free quote for a potential Zappi charger installation by contacting Wattcharger using the tool below.

Finding a home charger that suits your needs is a process often punctuated by a lot of background noise. The fast-moving EV space never ceases to yield innovation, and while much of it is exciting, the break-neck speed of innovation can often leave consumers in Ireland feeling overwhelmed.

At a reasonable price, the Zappi puts the control in the hands of homeowners. Whether you want to save money by recycling your green energy from wind generation or solar panels or want to be able to control the settings from the palm of your hand, Zappi is the perfect choice for you.

The Government of Ireland has committed to getting 936,000 EVs on the road by 2030, and Wattcharger is committed to being at the forefront of Ireland's drive to go green by helping make the future-proof Zappi charger yours today.

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